Whenever I see these, I still think of the Dove Keeper

(not my gifs) 

….I’m so confused as to why people are hating The Rainbow.

Am I the only seeing that this baby thing has actually SOLIDIFIED Frank and Gerard’s relationship? That Jasmine isn’t all weird about Gerard anymore. That she FINALLY understands why Frank loves him so much. 

Yeah okay, they are still sleeping together occasionally…Jasmine and Frank I mean… but dude…they are having a baby. Shit changes when you have a baby with someone. And obviously it’s not hurting Frank and Gerard’s relationship…so why does it matter? It’s brought them all closer together. 

So stop whining about it. omfg. 

And I have a feeling that I accept and understand this open relationship thing that they got going on because I’m one of the older people reading this story and have more experience when it comes to making a relationship work. Yeah, I would never agree to an open relationship with someone, but that is just my preference. I know people that do have open relationships and they are just as happy together as a monogmus couple. It’s just a choice. 

One that clearly works for Frank and Gerard. So you know…deal with it.

I think it’s a dumb reason to stop reading what is clearly another great story from Evelyn. 

I think the Rainbow is fucking perfect. Especially after these February chapters. Perfect okay. I was worried there for a bit in the beginning, but I love it and I have complete faith in where Evelyn is taking the story. 

Some people might despise this new development…but I’m LOVING IT.  

Just bought the actual book of TDK


So excited to start working on the script.  

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The moment someone compares The Dove Keeper to 50 Shades of Grey…

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“I was always seventeen in his arms.”

I can handle shit talking on my dash on a lot of stuff

But no no no no no

No shit talking on The Dove Keeper

Especially if you haven’t read it

No no no no no no 


Just don’t do it. 

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I dont know…I just have this really bad feeling that something awful is going to happen…



okay…the Preface fucking terrifies me.

Why….what….is wrong with him? 



oh god

I’m hyperventilating and I haven’t even started it