“Fake Your Death”

Somewhere in the liner notes for “May Death Never Stop You”, there are written statements about each song on the collection. These statements were contributed by the members of the band and reflect their personal thoughts on the songs (dispersed to members at random). There is however, one song that bears no statement.

I consider “Fake Your Death” to be the “last MCR song”, and to me, it is absolutely the final fully realized collaboration between the members of the band. Oddly, or fittingly, it was written while the Los Angeles Kings beat the New Jersey Devils and won the Stanley Cup, though this did not inform or inspire the song as I was unaware (along with James and Doug) that this was happening and have only a small interest in sports. After the game, the rest of the band had arrived at the studio where we added elements to its existing structure, fleshing it out some more, and it started to form.

What was not so obvious at the time was that the song was, and would serve as, a eulogy for the band, though I should have known it from the lyrics. I think internally I did, as I felt an odd sense of sadness and loss after hearing back the words on top of the music. I also felt a strange sense of pride in how honest it was, and could not remember a band recording a song of this nature, being so self-aware. Ending felt like something honest, and honest always feels like something new.

So it will exist, and it is no cowardly act to release something of this nature, but a service to those who believed in a band that did not compromise, and a wave goodbye to all. And yes, it is fucking heartbreaking.

And while I don’t believe the lyrics of the chorus today- I did at the time, which to me is a core ingredient to the music of MCR. And it is through that belief, and yours, that we were able to achieve many beautiful things.

-G.Way, Los Angeles, 1-20-14

I posted this on Facebook when I woke up today. I thought I’d share it on here:

Hanging out with Gerard Way last night basically summed up the last 11 years of my life listening to this band. Gerard was right in that letter that he wrote. MCR will never die. While we talked last night after the signing about the band, the comics, and a million other things, but especially the band, it’s like they were still there. All of it was still there, just in a different way than before. I finally understand what he meant when he said My Chemical Romance wasn’t just a band, but an idea. So MCR didn’t end for me in March with five lines on their website. It ended last night, over soda, chapstick, black and gold sharpies, laughs, and old memories.”

A little story on meeting Gerard Way last night.

I still can’t believe that last night happened. It’s not my first time meeting Gerard, but it was definitely the time meeting him that stands out. The most important for me. I kinda feel like he’s almost an older brother in a weird, strange way. And he totally understood what I was trying to say LOL

I said I’d been listening to them since I was 16, and been around since Bullets Era, and I’ve always felt like I’ve grown up along with them. He smiled, and said that was great, because they always felt the same way. We talked about my tattoos, and he grinned when I said I was going to have a whole MCR sleeve and couldn’t wait to see it when it was done. Then we talked about Comic Con for a bit, and the Roxy show, and then Hotel Oblivion for just a minute.

Then after the signing, we were hanging out with him and Becky for a long time as they sat and drew some sketches for us. We talked about MCR videos, the origins of the Killjoys story, Comic Con, shitty first jobs, (Gerard and I bonded over working at Barnes and Noble as a shitty early job LOL), the weird music that was playing, bats, Russians, wearing white…and a shit load of other stuff that I can’t even remember. 

We weren’t just fans and idol anymore. We were people sharing memories and bonding over the little things. It’s weird. Like he’s a different Gerard, but the same Gerard at all at once. It seems like stepping away from the band has taken ALOT of pressure off his shoulders, and he is more relaxed than I have EVER seen him before. And this is the most intimately I have ever seen him talk about the band. We all laughed talking about the I Don’t Love You and Na Na Na videos. (which were his least favorite and most favorite to shoot) “We were just *giggle*…stupid,” he said talking about Na Na Na. 

Then when I asked about how the Killjoys story got transferred into the new album from the original idea he had for Killjoys, listening to him talk about it was just…crazy. It gave me chills. I don’t know why. Just seeing how his creative process works is fascinating. And listening to this all the while watching him draw was almost too much for my brain to process. LOL. 

By the way…he hums and sings under his breath while he sketches LOL It was adorable. 

It certainly was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to hang out with him like that. To think about all the things that he has done for himself, along with the band, and for so many fans in the world…it is daunting sometimes to realize that he actually exists. That one person and one band can bring about the start of so much change and so much hope, for themselves and for others. It reminds me that there is hope for mankind and that things that seem impossible…are in fact possible. 

I don’t know man…just whenever I have the chance to talk to him, it inspires me. Just being in his presence is inspiring. It’s crazy. 

There is no one person that has changed my life for the better more than Gerard Way. One of these days, I should really tell him that. 

This is My Chemical Romance

This is the MCRmy. 

Pretty sure I lost a few followers because of my MCR spam. Sorry not sorry.

I’m sure some of you are PTV or OMM fans that don’t give two shits about MCR. But look at it this way…

What if it was PTV? or OMM? Then what? They are for you what MCR has been for me. So don’t you dare judge my sadness.

And remember ALL OF YOU that so many bands that are out there today are only here BECAUSE OF MCR. They opened the door into the industry for some many bands making it today. They changed the genre and changed the industry.

And if you don’t believe that, you’re a fool.

That’s the reason other bands and musicians are mourning them as much as we are. Because they understand that.

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My MCR tattoo for anon. Got it done in 2011. Gerard and Mikey signed my arm and I got it tattooed a couple hours later. Gerard also wrote “keep it ugly”. 

This is the beginning of what will become a whole MCR sleeve on my right arm. I still need to add Ray and Franks autographs too. Have yet to meet them since I started this.

My MCR tattoo for anon. Got it done in 2011. Gerard and Mikey signed my arm and I got it tattooed a couple hours later. Gerard also wrote “keep it ugly”.

This is the beginning of what will become a whole MCR sleeve on my right arm. I still need to add Ray and Franks autographs too. Have yet to meet them since I started this.

Thank you for giving me a reason to believe.
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Every single life that they have touched is their legacy. And that’s one hell of a fucking legacy if you ask me. More than anything, just like Gerard, I feel pride. 


You’re not in this alone.